Just a few of the things we can do with x-rays...under construction

  High temperature x-ray diffraction of the SiO2 + Mg2Si  displacement reaction  

HTXRD reaction carried out in the Panalytical X-pert Pro MPD with HTK1200 Anton-Paar oven furnace. This particular measurement was taken isothermally at 750oC. Each pattern was taken consecutively, for approximately 1.5 minutes per pattern. The novelty of this measurement is that the sample and reactant were contained with a graphite reaction vessel to contain the volatile Mg2Si species. Molybdenum radiation was used to penetrate the graphite cell.

  High temperature lattice expansion of Bi,La-doped PbTiO3  
The lattice expansion of Bi,La-doped PbTiO3 was measured using our Panalytical X-pert Pro MPD diffractometer with HTK1200 Anton-Paar Oven furnace, and graded multilayer parabolic mirror.  Parabolic mirrors are insensitive to sample height displacements are are ideal for measuring lattice parameters, and especially so at high temperature.

In this figure note the phase transition from tetragonal to cubic at approximately 390oC.

Error bars (shown, but not visible) are three sigma.


  High temperature conversion of hematite to Iron  

The isothermal conversion of hematite (Fe2O3) to Iron metal was carried out at 700oC in an Anton-Paar HTK2000 Platinum strip furnace under flowing forming gas. Note the formation Fe3O4, then FeO.  The X-pert Pro MPD diffractometer with Cu source, diverging beam optics, and Xcelerator detector with diffracted beam monochromator was used for these measurements. 1 minute per scan.

  High Resolution X-ray Diffraction Reciprocal Space Mapping. Si (111)  
High-resolution, triple axis, diffraction reciprocal space map of a silicon wafer, (111) plane. 

This measurement was performed on our Panalytical X-pert Pro MRD diffractometer with incident beam parabolic mirror, four-bounce germanium incident beam monochromator, and triple axis diffracted beam crystal.




 Here's what else we can do...

X-ray diffraction analysis for

Do you have irregularly shaped samples? Round samples? Bronze camels? We can analyze those too with our parabolic mirror x-ray optics!

 Do you need a measurement?  Not at Georgia Tech?  Contact us! I know we can help!